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MPTK Troubleshooting

by broy — last modified 2007-11-26 17:26
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A short FAQ about make troubleshooting using MPTK

FAQ overview

How to react if the GUI crash without warning message?

  1. did you launch it from the command line ? It cannot work if launched by clicking the Icon since the cwd and MPTK_CONFIG_FILENAME are not properly configured. If you know how to solve this issue please contribute!

  2. did you set up the MPTK_CONFIG_FILENAME environment variable ?

  3. did you set up to an existing path.xml file ? You can check it by running the <give an example of mpd or mpf command that should send an error message if there is a problem> command.
  4. did you launch it from the working directory path_to_MPTK/bin ?
  5.  the GUI is beta and we welcome your contribution to stabilize it!

How to react if you want to build MPTK with various version of Qt installed on your computer

CMake can manage the Qt version with the DESIRED_QT_VERSION variable that you may set with 4

Another alternative solution is to override all the Qt library and includes path in the CMake GUI ccmake.

How to react if the GUI crash with "mptk ERROR -- MPTK_Env_c::get_configuration_file() - Could not find MPTK Env variable with path to config file." error message?

On all plateform, the utilities need an environment variable called MPTK_CONFIG_FILENAME to be set with the path
of the path.xml file located in the bin directory.
This file defines the path to the Atoms/Block plugin location. On Windows system in the case you have installed MPTK library and utilities in an non standard directory
(eg different of "C:/Program Files/MPTK-0.5.4") you have to modify the path inside of this file with the real installation path.

In order to set an environment variable on Linux like os:
-with Bash shell:
export MPTK_CONFIG_FILENAME="path_to_MPTK/bin/path.xml"
-with C-shell:
setenv MPTK_CONFIG_FILENAME "path_to_MPTK/bin/path.xml"
You can check if the environment variable is correctly set with:
In order to set environment variable on Windows like system:
Lauch a command line and use the SET command:
SET MPTK_CONFIG_FILENAME=path_to_MPTK/bin/path.xml
for example SET MPTK_CONFIG_FILENAME=C:/Program Files/MPTK-0.5.4/bin/path.xml
To check if the environment variable is correctly set you can use the ECHO command:

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