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MPTK Windows (win32) FAQ

by broy — last modified 2007-02-19 16:05
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Describe how to install MPTK on Windows (win32) platform

FAQ overview

How to use MPTK on Windows (win32) platform ?

There are two ways to install MPTK under windows (Win32) platform, you can either download the MPTK binaries which will install MPTK on your computer or download the MPTK sources in order to build the executable files and libraries using CMake.

Where to find the latest release including sources/binaries ?

On the MPTK files repository  under Sources or Binaries.

How to build MPTK on Windows (win32) platform ?

A document named MPTK Source installation with Win32 is describing how to build MPTK on Windows platform.

Which external libraries are required to build MPTK ?

There are three external libraries required to build MPTK:
    • Pthread
    • Libsndfile 
    • FFTW

Those libraries are included under "extra" directory.

If you want to change the precompiled dlls, feel free to download them.

How to use include files and libraries of the external required libraries ?

    • In order to use MPTK executable files, the external libraries precompiled dll files have to be located in the same directory as the executable files

    • In order to build, the easiest solution, is to let the external libraries under the /extras/windows/include directory of the MPTK source files folder and the external libraries precompiled dll in a /extras/windows/lib directory of the MPTK source tree. Other way you will have to specify in Cmake where are located the include files and the precompiled dll of the external libraries, see the MPTK Source installation for Win32 pdf document for more informations

How to Fix FFTW used plan with wisdom in FFTW configuration

MPTK currently relies on FFTW to compute Fast Fourier Transforms. The principle of FFTW is to adaptively select the fastest running codelet to perform a given FFT, which is good for performance. However, this can lead to non deterministic behaviour of MPTK since two consecutive runs of the same command (e.g. 'mpd') with the same options on the same data can yield slightly different results. To avoid this issue we have implemented a mechanism which allows MPTK to fix which FFT codelet is used for a specific type of FFT computation. To do this, you just need to create and export a environment variable called MPTK_FFTW_WISDOM and set this environment variable with the path of the file you want to use in order to save the FFTW configuration. MPTK will create a « wisdom » file, that will be reloaded each time you use MPTK. It means that the codelets use to compute FFTW plan will be the same between two successive decompositions with the same parameters.

In order to set the environment variable used to store the FFTW wisdom file:

  • Right-click on "My Computer" and select "Properties".
  • Click Advanced -> Environment Variables.
  • In the box entitled "System Variables" and click on new.
  • You will be presented with a dialogue box with two text boxes,the head text box has to be set with MPTK_FFTW_WISDOM, the bottom text box allows you to edit the Path of the FFTW wisdom file. Choose a path to store the wisdom file and a name, for example: C:\Program Files\MPTK\FFTW_Wisdom
Note that this file should always be reachable, other way the fftw plan will not be used. You may have to reopen your Windows session in order to set up this new environment variable.
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